UPDATES - our project (2009 link)


We have now completed the project and the final report is available.


The Cashmere Residents’ Association is now starting to implement the recommendations, one of which was to keep this website and to use it to keep residents’ informed about activites in the area. Watch for updates.


This was an opportunity to:

  • hear what the Residents Associations’ Vision and Values Team had learned already.

  • tell us what we need to do now.

A Discussion Document was distributed to each household in Cashmere as background to the meeting.


The Discussion Document was based on what Cashmere residents have told us about Cashmere and Christchurch. It identified some of the key priorities and challenges facing our community and city.  


The directions from that meeting will gave us a very clear guide to priority actions for the future and are outlined in the final report.



AGM records

Cashmere Residents’ Association (CRA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) (section under development)


2012 AGM held Tuesday 23 October, 7.30pm at Cashmere Church: Cr Sue Wells; CRA committee renewed & re-elected for 2012-2013. Reports: Chair; Treasurer; Minutes. Results: Landsdowne Terrace CERA meetings; CRA on facebook; proposed April CRA meeting re VnV project & councils' annual plans etc.


2011 AGM held Thursday 20 October, 7.30pm at Cashmere Church: Community Board Chair Phil Clearwater; CRA committee renewed & re-elected for 2011-2012. Reports: Chair; Treasurer; Agenda; Minutes. Results: Cashmere Residents Community Support link-hub & emergency information; Cashmere Neighbours communication online e-democracy forum available.

2010 AGM was held on Wednesday 23rd March 2011 at Cashmere Church (the planned 18th November 2010 AGM was poorly attended so postponed, due to the September 4th earthquake). Reports: Chair; Treasurer; Agenda; Minutes. Plus: Chair's CRA Chat 2011-4. *


2009 AGM 9 Dec @ Cashmere Church. Reports: Chair "in the newsletter"; Treasurer; Agenda; Minutes.


2008 AGM Reports: Co-Chairs; Treasurer; Agenda; Minutes.


2007 AGM 20 Nov @ Cashmere Church. Reports: Chair "in the newsletter"; Treasurer; Agenda; Minutes.


New committee began digitising CRA processes: credit Peter McKearney, Joan Blatchford, Terry Young


2006 AGM 14 Nov @ Cashmere Church: CCC Ranger Paul Devlin. Reports: Chair; Treasurer; Agenda; Minutes; Cashmere Walkways Map.


2005 AGM 22 Nov @ Cashmere Church: Gordon Olgilvie roading/transport history; "Noises Off" Charitable Trust.


2003-2004 recess?


2002 AGM 19 Nov @ Cashmere Church: guest speaker.


2001 AGM 13 Nov @ Beckenham Service Centre: John de Zwart CCC & Cr Neil Cherry Canterbury Regional Council re cellphone tower.


2000 AGM 28 Nov @ CCC Beckenham Service Centre: Gordon Olgilvie "Enjoying the Port Hills" book.


1999 AGM 29 Oct @ Masonic Hall: informal "Annual Do"; Cashmere Valley subdivision & traffic controversy.


1998 AGM 29 Oct @ Cashmere Primary School Hall: housing character & view preservation; School centenary.


1997 AGM 30 Oct @ Cashmere Church: Cr Dianna Shand Canterbury Regional Council on "Air Pollution" etc. 29 May meet: Village Green & buses.


1996 AGM 7 Nov @ Cashmere Presbyterian Church Hall "Cashmere Church": Di Lucas "The Nature of the Hills".


1995 Public Meeting 13 Nov @ Cashmere Primary School Hall: "revived" CRA New Constitution adopted.


1995 local meeting 18 Jul @ Cashmere Primary School Hall: form "Residents' Group" re CCC RMA District Plan?


1995 CCC Public Meeting 10 Jul @ Thorrington School Hall: RMA District Plan zoning; spurred 18 July meeting.


"In the early 1970s the Cashmere Residents' Association was incorporated as a means of passing onto the Heathcote County Council, via the Councillors representing the Cashmere ward, the concerns of hill residents about public amenities. The association later lapsed, but in the early 1990s it was revived, partly as a result of having new means of expressing local concerns to the authorities, via the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board. That board had been formed as part of the drastic overhaul of local government all over the country in 1989, in which the county of Heathcote disappeared, being amalgamated with the city of Christchurch. ... sense of identity gained from living in a district with defined boundaries.. community atmosphere was not as pervasive as in the past.. important role of the Cashmere Community Centre in the Old Stone House" before it became Cracroft Community Centre in 1979, after a 1971 fire had closed the building for eight years - John Small, Here on the hill : a century of Cashmere's primary school and community, Christchurch, 2000, pp. 8, 23-24, 169.

N.B. Much earlier, at Cashmere Primary School, Small cites a "householders' meeting" that was the CRA ancestor in old "Cashmere Village"..


1908 5 Nov CRA special "meeting of Heathcote and Halswell ratepayers" at Cashmere Hills School moves against Christchurch Extension amalgamation re Fisherton after "Cashmere settlement" - Star, 6 November 1908, PapersPast.natlib.govt.nz



Literature Available on Cashmere


The Christchurch City Council Insite Team has prepared a report on literature available on Cashmere.


This Insite report contains details of books, reports, articles, photographs and web documents on the subject of Cashmere.


Where possible, this document contains links to the full library catalogue record and can be downloaded.



Community Profile (link)


The Project has prepared a report on Cashmere's population, including housing, education, income, occupation and qualifications.


This is available as a single report or separate sections.


The Vision and Values Steering Committee was Barry Armstrong, Joan Blatchford, David Coster, Stewart Ferguson and Sandra Hector with Project Manager: Mary Richardson.


Contact us via CRA with other ways you might like to contribute.

* Much Cashmere housing needed earthquake repair - "Marley View", October 2012


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