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Cashmere News Diary: 28 June 2018 - CREST suspended, CRA SGM adjourned, pests workshop

* 30 June, Saturday 1-3pm, St Martins School Hall, 24 Albert Terrace - Predator Free Port Hills trapping workshop, run by Department of Conservation staff in conjunction with the Summit Road Society and Port Hills Park Trust. All welcome, poster below - + see local Predator Free Cashmere project group of Predator Free Port Hills Cashmere, etc
Predator Free Port Hills trapping workshop 300618
Also, from 30 June to 8 July

Notices / updates

* Relief for Valley Road residents - assiduous community pressure has seen team policing drive out a gang distribution base, stopping a local crime wave. Very well done, all!

* 23 May - Cashmere Residents' Association Special General Meeting - well attended, quorum was adjourned by common agreement of residents and Committee, until June and "within three weeks" desirably. Consequent avoidance of this consensus decision, by the CRA Committee, leaves two options open to residents - another petition soon for another SGM, or to wait for the Annual General Meeting in October.

* 27 June - suspension of CREST - the Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team and its Cashmere Community Response Plan are now shelved indefinitely, inoperable, pending further notice. This is unfortunate but unavoidable, for a number of reasons.

The CREST plan has Cashmere Residents' Association (CRA) integral to its development, publicity and performance, that are currently made impossible. But don't worry; in the spirit of CREST, a new committee will continue manifesting 'CRITEOD' - Community Response In The Event Of Disaster - through commitment to resourcing an emergency hub at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre.

The new committee is now deciding a name for its work and brings in its wake a number of other changes to try: a new Convenor (now linked to Rotary, tasked with calling monthly meetings together, facilitating the meetings and being on-call as emergency hub response coordinator); seeking more and different participant organisations like sports groups, business groups etc.; a bigger committee (7 or so members); a set quorum (4); voting on all decisions (instead of 5 years' CREST consensus); a Chair, a Secretary and a bank account, to hold funds raised for facilities upgrades; etc. etc. - whatever the new plan of action needs to contain.

When CRA melted down during summer, over CREST financial responsibility, it made the 'CRITEOD' transition a priority: the test of a February emergency newsletter and lunch proved far too difficult for CRA as it stood, unearthing personal-political agendas to divide and destroy or waste.

That a church minister should collude with CRA mis-leaders to score petty party points and stop CREST work, diverting funds already democratically assigned to hub development (and some for pest control effort) shows how deeply corruption is driving its claws into Christchurch city.

If the new 'CRITEOD' committee can make no greater progress, the CREST plan remains available for recovery - though depending on repair of Cashmere Residents' Association 2018 dysfunction (as a narrow, politically-aligned and off-beat clique). Cashmere community response must be united and independent, fit for purpose, or it is likely to be nothing at all.

Why must the CREST response plan be paused for reconsideration? - Because leaders of the two main partner organisations (to CRA) broke their word and dodged responsibility for the emergency response drill (community picnic) of 18.2.2018. Unreliable. The CRA Committee refusal to collaborate, on what it had contracted to do there, is its own condemnation. Cashmere community preparedness has been roundly betrayed.

* Crib Card Game Club @ The Old Stone House - Hi, I am the Booking Agent for The Old Stone House, Shalamar Drive (recently re-opened) & I want to start up a Crib Club, on Monday afternoons. I was wondering if you could put a notice in your next Newsletter asking any persons interested to contact me: email: Cell: 021 047 4475
I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks & Kind Regards, Sally Craighill

* Keep sending in your Cashmere area news for distribution!

Stay warm and safe this winter.

Kind regards

Rik Tindall

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