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Cashmere News: 10 March 2019 - Cashmere Residents' Association fall

Kia ora Cashmere, Trusting you've enjoyed summer, as it tries to draw to a close.

This will be the last 'News Diary' for quite a while (a Cashmere Residents' Association AGM is to be held by November) or maybe forever from this email address. The news for CRA has not been good.

The Special General Meeting (SGM) of 21 February has put the Association into recess, in the hands of four trustees. The actions of two of these disqualify them, however, which is bad. Details following.

Moot point: Who received notice of SGM and were all members duly notified? Those petitioning for proper management in 2018 had all been brought along, again into the council maw and made the hard decision, but unfortunately were still led well down the garden path to subjugated mess. The petition for SGM was organised by founding 'new CRA' 1995 member Bruce Alexander, but delivery of that paperwork and its rush of renewal fees to the committee Secretary, by the Chair of six years standing then (me), was used as pretext for cancelling that core membership, with the Secretary nominating their partner 'Acting Chair'. The pair then deleted all of the banking records and emitted no light from a committee privatised to their main lounge. These two, Leona Murahidy and Ralph Roden, have now had to resign from committee; we must thank them for long years of service to Cashmere through the CRA and much good work. But it was Labour activist Leona's dictatorial management of the Association newsletter which has ultimately brought the CRA crashing down. Leona was reliant on the Chair (as lead volunteer and coordinator who she had nominated) for completing newsletter deliveries every time, and actually a whole lot more, but would not share the newsletter editing. Abrupt, irrational exclusion of the Chair may be terminal damage for the CRA.

Piqued by a clearly agreed and scheduled CRA response drill 'emergency newsletter', early 2018 Leona began with a halt to this and then removed CRA front office/reception, the effective manager and the IT department of the CRA, all at one stroke (functions until then long performed by the Chair, largely at Leona's request). It is always hard to find enough volunteers for community groups to run well, and this ruthless division made ours impossible. The CRA we knew and loved may yet live again; it depends who wants it to and is willing to work normally to that end.

Like Leona and Ralph, the CRA SGM of 21/2/19 denied the 2012-2018 Chair any right to speak, answer comments or give any kind of steer. That was ultimately the purpose of the past 13 months' shenanigans. And so the CRA has now completely unravelled, injudiciously decapitated (of institutional knowledge). But there is more to it than injustice and thorough non-sense.

We have learned important things through post-earthquake CRA and its recent demise. Foremost, that what stops Cashmere Residents' Association from functioning is the same thing preventing community preparedness from developing here (and in other places too, no doubt). The CRA was not functioning when I joined its committee (the 2010 AGM did not occur until 2011) and it has stalled after I was forced out (by Labour affiliates without honesty) which shows I am not the factor long-term disabling of CRA: it is other people than the 2012-2018 Chair, and using force. A committee clique remain responsible.

Revelation: what obstructs resident organisation and emergency preparedness is the shared dishonesty of the religious and political powers, each dependent on the other to keep local community dependent upon them and financial benefits flowing their way (i.e. entrenched corruption). Lip service is paid to community resilience and self-sufficiency through council policy, but behind the back means of sabotage are very deeply ingrained between the Labour Party and church hierarchies - maintained completely selfishly as local power and now personified, for the record and analysis.

CRA was doing fine, as you know, 2011-2017 with growing assets. We had grown into comfortable relationship with Cashmere Presbyterian, for public meeting space and emergency use (Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team: CREST system). But as soon as our open committee door admitted a practising Anglican - Kristen Hoskin (deep with family link to Leona and professional conflict of interest), trouble immediately began, with very strong attack upon CREST that ultimately has collapsed the CRA to destroy CREST preparedness. An individual effect? No. But before that let's note that in the opening of the 21/2/19 CRA SGM the formal boundaries of the Association were again pointed out, which Hoskin immediately glossed over in having Leona nominate her as a 'CRA trustee'. She did not disclose her immediate exclusion, on this basis, to voting CRA members. Hoskin's next biggest deception was in denying, point blank when asked, that she had just been made subject to Disputes Tribunal action (as an albeit illegitimate part of CRA committee). Hoskin outright lied and feigned suitability as a CRA trustee; as in the false reporting where trying to justify sabotage of the 18.2.18 CREST picnic event. To be an acceptable CRA committee associate, Hoskin simply had to not cause trouble; was it her apparently conflicted council employ or the contending religion that prevented this? Or something else?

So, the 2018 CRA Annual General Meeting had a brought-in Anglican clergyman chairing - breaking six years' local secular continuity - leading to the 21/2/19 SGM. Here, the dishonest, destructive performance of another closed the book on the highly functional 2011-2017 CRA period: former city missioner David Morrell endorsed the lying of the (outgoing) 'Acting Chair' Ralph Roden (pp Leona and Kristen), whose report to SGM was repeat summary of false evidence to Disputes Tribunal, for dodging liability for full sabotage of 18.2.2018's community preparedness picnic event and CRA-CREST investment in emergency systems for the church. My warning to Ralph for Leona on 6/2/18, that police would have to be brought in if Leona's theft of the emergency newsletters stored outside her door was not immediately rectified, led to their involvement. Leona and Ralph have lied through their teeth concocting reasons why they are not to blame for choosing fiasco so very damaging to the, until then, very healthy CRA (and Cashmere work).

Morell stated at SGM, in support of Roden, "I have spoken with the Acting Chair and find his report to be a true and accurate record of what has happened". Roden's district court disputes evidence and SGM report, and therefore thence Morrell, maintain the following lie, amongst many others: "the picnic event was cancelled because it did not have a council permit". Attached here is copy of the council permit that was held, but that Murahidy-Hoskin themselves *cancelled* in attacking CREST. The whole are thus proven liars and robbers of Cashmere. The emergency lunch event did indeed take place, on the church booking, satisfying a number of attendees and the Red Cross funders. Endorsing lies once means what? Endorsing lies all of the time?

180218 CREST event Safety Plan permit

Other outright deceits heard are: that cancellation was due as "no emergency services would be attending" - Hoskin volunteered to arrange this using her professional links, but to undermine event coordination by not completing the task, it appears, to advance her own interests in the field and within the CRA; "there was no liability insurance for the event" - this had been secured under Cashmere Presbyterian's insurance cover through the January 2018 CREST meeting, until the minister joined the Murahidy-Hoskin cancellation (by circular argument); and that "there was dispute over the newsletter content before it went to print", also false - this happened afterwards, because Murahidy-Hoskin private advertising (that Red Cross weren't to be funding) wasn't to the scale that they wanted. Frauds, the whole lot.

So religious undermining of Cashmere community and association has come from two directions, equally dishonest: Anglican and Presbyterian. The Reverend Silvia Purdie of Cashmere Presbyterian intruded on the CRA committee meeting of January 2018, by other pretext, then tried to extort $1400 from the February event fund for her church trading account (from a catering budget of $300). No negotiation was entertained on this and full attack upon CRA leadership of CREST and in running the event, followed in determination to get at the Red Cross funds that CRA had raised for CREST activity at the church. Underway was a drive for church administration of CREST (a CRA initiative involving the church as a partner) that pointedly would destroy the CRA standing in Cashmere if necessary. - A huge 'success'? Apparently, as ever-more council funding flows direct to Cashmere Presbyterian, via community board, for running events. Purdie's main career goal is thus achieved.

Within CRA and with the named church leaders, there is a strong common thread: to put the Association, CREST and Cashmere fully under direct Labour Party control where personal links are held. Morrell has been their electoral candidate before, with "2021" campaign and there as a running mate of community board chair Potter and Labour local campaign coordinator and city councillor Phil Clearwater: Pam Clearwater is now installed to help run a faux 'CREST' continued at the church (for Labour, not Cashmere). They could be running a resilience committee at the church, to support community initiatives like CREST (or whatever else they choose) but instead they refuse the necessary separation of roles, so to steal the genuine output of Cashmere residents (CREST). Conflicts abound there, and this is just the start of straightening them out. Cashmere School, for example, absented from the 18Feb18 response exercise they had committed to - being drawn into the fraudulent cancellation, so currently have no authentic vote on the direction of CREST itself, yet still try to assert one. The Labour links in the school appear to have corrupted it too.

Amidst all this churchy-Labour dodgy intrigue, what is the main lesson? - It is plainly *huge*.

Where communities are heavily exposed to natural hazards and risk (like earthquakes) and try to prepare a basic response for ourselves, why is preparedness so thoroughly run down? We have just identified the political interest in creating dependency (through bureaucratic stranglehold) but the churches' antagonism to secular good sense needs extrapolation. And that is, to discover what the social function of organised religion mostly is: to normalise lying (dishonesty) for elected powers, so that all these can continue getting away with doing nothing, taking advantage and leaving communities at full risk.. forever? ...

In a hundred years' time, if world society has managed to work together to solve its greatest-ever existential threat and survive (the challenge of anthropogenic climate change) they may look back to this key moment of philosophical discovery, which can now be shared: that the effect of historical and organised creationist religion was only to hold us all back, to lie to us infinitely and endanger us very greatly. The corrupted and biased, materially ensconced must be ousted - from our hearts and minds - to discover a true faith, in ourselves and in each other, sufficient to save the day.

What is clear from CRA experience is that the intrusion of party politics into a community volunteer organisation can only be destructive. But why is that? - National have no interest because there is no coin there and they don't waste their time on giving away effort, generally at all; they pretty much avoid the local politics area entirely as the pay is too low. Labour have a related approach - they don't volunteer much either, putting all their time into party organisation, so that they can claim all the council positions holding direct sway over communities instead. Which leaves a residents' association highly dependent on large quantities of volunteer labour, done from goodness of heart. The CRA simply cannot function without sufficient input of goodwill, to whence it has now fallen.

The wreckage of Cashmere Residents' Association is very easily understood. The New Zealand Labour Party cannot and will not generate the level of volunteer work required to sustain a significant community organisation like this. Yet their local activists just do not want anyone else seen to be doing a competent job of it either, which might show them up, and so they maliciously destroy. Labour corruption knows no bounds.

For the CREST community lunch event of 18.2.2018, supportive commitment was first gained from the leaders of CRA (newsletter and catering), Cashmere Presbyterian (rainy day venue) and Cashmere School (entertainment). A second and bigger public event for CREST, this collaboration had a modest budget gained through CRA from the Red Cross Christchurch earthquake response fund and was on track - having to work around the Christmas holiday break. But acclerating into January work became instant issue, so the Labour Party net was able to pull its strings upon organisation leaders to cancel their commitment - for ruining the project, its leadership at CRA and ultimately CRA itself. A pointless, apalling waste of well-developed good energy.

It has been a great pleasure and worthwhile experience to get to know Cashmere. Thank you for having supported me as an Association committee member January 2011 to February 2018 and as Chair for the last six years of that. I look forward to being able to work with and for you all again one day soon.

Kia ora, kia kaha,

Ngaa mihi,

Rik Tindall

pp Neighbourhood Support, Cashmere &
Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team

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