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Want to get involved with the Cashmere Residents' Association?

We are looking for people who from time to time can help us with researching information, assisting with projects the CRA undertake, under the leadership of one or more committee members ie steering committees, you would not have to attend our regular committee meetings, if you would like to donate some of your time please put forward your name in an email. If you have a particular area of interest ie the portfolio listed beside the committee members then please note that as well.


email the CRA committee here:



Rik Tindall – ph. 332 1069 or 027 406 0077


Joan Earl – ph. 942 4523
Eve Harding – ph. 332 2567
Anne Hodge – ph. 337 4473
Leona Murahidy – ph. 337 2051
Ralph Roden – ph. 021 330 615
Carolyn Scandrett – ph. 332 3615
Murray Wards – ph. 332 8676
Jan Webster – ph. 332 2893


Committee Portfolios

Leona Murahidy – Parks, open spaces and walkways, CRA Newsletter Editor, Social Secretary, meeting host
Anne Hodge – Treasurer, Membership Secretary
Carolyn Scandrett – Minute Secretary
Ralph Roden – Physical character of Cashmere / heritage, CRA Newsletter layout & proofing
Jan Webster – Bowenvale Neighbourhood Network co-ordinator & representative
Joan Earl – Community Board watch - Agenda Secretary
Murray Wards – Stormwater, Traffic, transport and roading, Safety in our area
Eve Harding – Physical character of Cashmere / heritage, meeting host, honorary life member
Rik Tindall – Communications & networking, community support, online/web admin, Correspondence Secretary
Depends on the issue – The voice of Cashmere on city wide issues, and recreation facility here



Association membership and renewals can be made at the household rate of $10 per year by downloading, completing and mailing a membership form, or via our Kiwibank a/c 389005.0688810.02 ~ notice of deposits by email reach our Treasurer, for confirmation, and a receipt will be issued if requested: ~ Thank you :)


Sign of the Kiwi needs repair - Victoria Park, October 2012 - Photo: Rik Tindall


Retaining walls needed repair, to clear footpaths - Dyers Pass Road, October 2012 - Photo: Rik Tindall


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