Historic Cashmere has five suburban community locales: Bowenvale, Thorrington, Lower Cashmere, Cracroft (centre) and Cashmere Hills; all postcode Christchurch 8022. This project website serves identity which unites residents of the area, to strengthen their representation, local amenity, quality of life and resilience. We also promote Cashmere through fostered links with local business, in a southern city corner that many visitors equally enjoy. Email addresses for each community locale and a Cashmere area organisation, facilities and business index can be found on our link-hub page. Haere mai. Welcome to Cashmere.


Sustainable Community through Productive Association


Cashmere Residents’ Association


The Cashmere Residents’ Association (CRA) is a group of residents who act as a liaison between the community of Cashmere and outside parties such as the City Council, Regional Council and government agencies. What we say, our vision and values, come from you:

“A prerequisite of representing and advocating for the community is understanding the community – what they value, what they want changed, what outcomes they want for their community and the city”

Member of Cashmere Residents’ Association


- Join dialogue at facebook.com/groups/CashmereNZ neighbour group & facebook.com/CashmereNZ


Cashmere Community Notices


CRA Special General Meeting 21 Feb 2019
Two years ago, Cashmere had a vibrant residents' association with exemplary programs in emergency preparedness and pest control in development. This was a constant help and model to our neighbour areas. It was possible because many good helpers did their little bit, thanks, yet most in the suburb didn't have to do anything to receive the benefits, so there was general support. But a wittering few decided they wanted more of a role, being then to tear it all down. So Cashmere RA was put into recess from 21 Feb SGM, a pointless waste. Potential for recovery by November AGM.
Christchurch 22Feb remembrance: learn and be strong (have clear household emergency plans).


Cashmere News 10Mar2019, 27Jan2019, 24Dec2018, 25Nov2018


Cashmere preparedness is unavailable, until we break through the web of dishonesty preventing it:


Cashmere Residents' Emergency Support Team - CREST
The Cashmere Community Response Plan, built by and around Cashmere Residents’ Association network capacity, is suspended; it may prove irrecoverable. This is due to non-participation of the major plan partners, despite full promises to engage, in the CCR Plan exercise event of 18.2.18. Any message to the contrary lacks the integrity that safe volunteer emergency response depends upon. Withdrawals from CREST Plan exercise, without moral reason, are ipso facto withdrawals from CREST.


CREST partner withdrawals from firm 18.2.18 exercise date:
Cashmere Presbyterian Church - Silvia Purdie, Reverend
Cashmere Residents’ Association - Leona Murahidy, Secretary
Cashmere Primary Te Pae Kereruu - Gavin Burn, Principal

The Reverend's exhorbitant pressure for funds, extorting by withdrawal of event permit support, instigated collapse of CREST & CRA collaboration. Financial interest with bias were placed ahead of Cashmere community interest, apallingly. It must be noted that the theft, lying and duress manifest at the Residents’ Association should not be leading Cashmere or any community - in such destructive course of action. Religious shame abounds here. Fair, secular, good sense has been roundly betrayed.

A main point of attempting the CREST was to add whatever higher level of certainty would be possible for our community, from small local institutions collaborating, in uncertain times (disasters). But it turns out that status-seeking, territoriality, quibbles, lethargy, cowardice and fear want to prevail instead. ... As per usual? So CREST is necessarily withdrawn from service, faced with rigorous overhaul; meanwhile catalysing a new layer of governance for Cashmere community response plans.

- Portraying an operable, planned CREST at present would be high-risk fraud. Kia tuupato. Kia kaha.


WARNING! - from 2018, the Cashmere Residents' Association is in the hands of dishonest people, operating illegally, in breach of long honorable tradition. Read on for more details.


CRA Special/Annual General Meeting 2018


AGM report: Cashmere News Diary 23Oct2018


Disputes Tribunal update, 8Oct hearing: Cashmere News Diary 22Sep2018, 12Oct2018, etc.

Wednesday 23 May, 7.30pm at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road, 332-7129. Review of CRA Committee work and performance - called by members' petition 4 May. Update:
- SGM was adjourned until ??.6.18. Issues to be resolved include Associate members voting as Committee members when this is precluded by the CRA Rules: decisions invalid, shortage of Committee volunteers has derailed CRA. Service interrupted by leadership coup. Cashmere community clearing house halted? Inner CRA SNAFU writ large. See Cashmere-News-Diary-28Jun2018, 5Aug2018 ... Disputes Tribunal (small claims court) update, 7Aug hearing:

Adjudicator now has voice recording confirming CRA 'Secretary' (Chair, unlike the partner, not 'Acting') and NZ Labour Party campaigner Leona M (of NZ Native Plants) to be a serial liar. Partly that is unintended, born of confusion, through inability to listen. Partner Ralph R, present at hearing as 'Supporter' had no right to speak but made audible contributions twice, passing copious notes - should have been excluded at the start but adjudicator did not traverse that option. Clarifications gained are that a new hearing must follow, to deal with law of Contract (breach) and Negligence by CRA Committee. Negligence - the LM/RR theft of the Feb18 CRA Newsletters and diversion of money raised for these was just one of the costs to Cashmere community and our project to develop a resilience hub at Cashmere Presbyterian Centre, for which compensation can be pursued - things damaged or lost through lack of due care. Biggest ticket item is the generator and water tank fund, also diverted ($3k+).

Out of spite from past history (a heritage preservation fight), LM/RR have combined with a St Augustines Anglican element to bust the hitherto good relations developed through CREST at Cashmere Presbyterian, to our community's significant loss and peril. Cashmere School has been siding with the bullies, breaking its promises like local presbyterian leaders to maintain the Labour union, thus far. This is very far from the leadership that our community needs. Labour-run council has enabled the bullies, in an Association party take-over attempt; zero credit there.

Leona and Ralph have abused their authority, in ruining the Red Cross Cashmere resilience project. They have deprived their community of preparedness, and a lot more. By rejecting the Disputes Tribunal opportunity to settle the losses they have intentionally caused, personally, LM/RR have set the residents' association up as respondent for the missing funds. The potential for residents' funds to be wasted at District Court, and in making up the difference in the grant amount that LM/RR have disposed of - when the funds had been held for well-recognised community purpose that has now been robbed - is reason enough for their immediate expulsion from the Association.

The financial standing of the CRA, at the onset of the LM/RR coup and resource grab, had never been better - by far; which seems to indicate what the motive is. The dirty Labour union - amongst some CRA, presbyterian and school leaders - sits at root of the seismic harm done to Cashmere community in 2018. We have to do better than this.

Regarding Leona and Ralph, why should our community tolerate, and why are the local Labour Party aligning with, the level of loss & dishonesty emanating from their shared address? Kia kaha. Kia ora.


Cashmere Predator-Free Port Hills

Updates: see Cashmere News Diary 31May2017, 13Jun2017 etc.
Mar17 Update: let us know if you are willing to host and maintain a trap, and what kind you want please. A supply is being organised. Work registration: Trap.NZ / Cashmere Predator-Free. DOC with CCC also have a volunteer program data map online (?) and one or two other similar systems are already started too. More info:

- predatorfreenz.org/tools & resources for predator control
- stat.auckland.ac.nz/~fewster/CatchIT
- doc.govt.nz/predator-free-2050 + Walk the Line install guide here
- kiwisforkiwi.org/resources/predator-control-monitoring
- landcareresearch.co.nz/science/plants-animals-fungi/animals/pfnz
- scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1611/S00562/predator-free-2050-ltd-board-appointed
- stuff.co.nz/environment/84691040/Predator-free-Christchurch-Not-anytime-soon - helpful?
- odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/dunedin-groups-sign-predator-free-pledge - yes!
- Predator Free NZ: what will it take to achieve our own 'moonshot' - Expert Q&A - Science Media Centre
- The race to rid NZ of rats - Jesse Mulligan RadioNZ
- National Pest Control Agencies - guide
- doc.govt.nz/get-involved/conservation-activities/build-a-backyard-trapping-tunnel
- Predator Free Wellington - logging system & Predator Free Karori map e.g.

(Next meeting soon in 2017) CRA has now joined the Predator-Free Port Hills program within predatorfreenz.org. To take part, meet those involved on Tues 29 Nov'16 at 7.30pm in Kowhai Lounge at Cashmere Presb. Church Centre, 2 Macmillan Ave for trap sharing. From Thursday 27 October launch, 7-9pm at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Hall, 2 Macmillan Ave - Summit Road Society "assisting individual residents and local groups to achieve a community-led, long-term project to improve the biodiversity of the Port Hills". All welcome, see flier and agenda. www.summitroadsociety.org.nz - Thanks for this! - For bait and practical help, visit Pest Control Research Rolleston shop. - If anyone around Cashmere is an approved user of Vespex for wasp control, please contact CRA - many thanks!


Chlorine map from 26 March 2018


Noisy and dangerous hills road use
Summit Road Proposed prohibited times on road restrictions - CCC got "865 submissions - 221 were in support, 99 were in support but had some concerns, and 545 did not support the proposal". Please let CRA know your thoughts on what can happen next. Take care. CCC Prohibited times on roads policy 27 November 2008. Amended by Council, 22 April 2010.


Public transport
If you have any requests for change in the local public passenger transport system ('PPT' buses) please let us know. Write to info@cashmere.org.nz. Thank you. Refs Why is Christchurch, the driving city, not taking the bus? 19 January 2018 + Public transport services Environment Canterbury + metroinfo.co.nz/news/Pages/Long-Term-Plan-2018-28-Draft-Consultation-Document.


A CRA 2018 project is to develop an index of all organised exercise groups available in Cashmere, starting with: ccc.govt.nz/rec-and-sport/activities-for-older-adults search base; ChillSpace Works for Women, keeping women fit in Cashmere Hills since 2005, Lisa Powers; Simply Yoga and Simply Stretching Classes, Fridays, Dakota Blue 022 0125 005; Yoga at the Park, 9:30-10:15am Saturdays in March, Yoga by Kotte, at Christchurch Adventure Park; (this Fitness notice area will gain its own new website page, once it fills out some more).


Gurudwara Singh Sabha Christchurch
"managed by New Zealand Sikh Society, South Island (Inc.) since 2009.. started from a small gathering of about 100 people in the early days which has grown up to 350-400 with Guru's grace.. hold weekly Sri Sukhmani Sahib Path and Kirtan every Sunday at 4 Landsdowne Tce, Cashmere which starts at 11am and finished around 2pm followed by Langar" - from gurudwarachristchurch.co.nz. Haere mai. Welcome!


Hot-water cylinder corrosion problems? - See chchwater.wordpress.com and write to info@cashmere.org.nz


Heathcote flood mitigation - See CCC Heathcote catchment work


Cashmere Gets Ready Community Lunch
Successful, adapted delivery to meet an emergency scenario, with help from and thanks to Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community & Business Association. Event had been advertised this way:
12-3pm, Sunday 18 February - food, cold drinks, educational entertainments and preparedness information from emergency services provided, add your own family picnic, Cashmere School kapahaka 1pm - at Cashmere Green, on MacMillan Ave Reserve. Many thanks to New Zealand Red Cross for sponsoring this free community resilience event, via Christchurch Information Hubs Network. Find facebook event here. Tickets not needed to attend. Haere mai! (Event report: see Cashmere News Diary 24Feb2018)

Cashmere Residents’ Association Newsletter, February 2018

- CCC Health and Safety Management Plan and event permit held.


Cashmere Community Response Plan - CREST paused 27 June 2018 - in Christchurch South community network.

Earthquake note: see Cashmere Residents’ Community Support link-hub & emergency information; build community contact with a 'like' of Cashmere on facebook; join in our Neighbourly.co.nz/Cashmere experience;
read Cashmere News Diary 10Mar2019, 27Jan2019, 24Dec2018, 25Nov2018 Alert, 23Oct2018, 12Oct2018, 22Sep2018, 5Aug2018, 28Jun2018, 22May2018, 15May2018, 6May2018, 24Apr2018, 1Apr2018, 24Feb2018, 20Feb2018 Emergency News, 10Feb2018, 28Jan2018, 23Dec2017, 1Dec2017, 27Oct2017, 21Sep2017, 21Aug2017, 21Jul2017, 13Jun2017, 31May2017, 20Apr2017, 19Mar2017, 15Feb2017 Emergency News, 17Dec2016, 22Nov2016, 24Oct2016, 18Sep2016, 31Jul2016, 16Jun2016, 16May2016, 16Apr2016, 19Mar2016, 5Feb2016, 8Dec2015, 15Oct2015, 10Sep2015, 12Aug2015, 11Jul2015, 14Jun2015, 9May2015, 12Apr2015, 7Mar2015, 22Feb2015, 8Jan2015, 18Nov2014, 31Oct2014, 13Oct2014, 26Aug2014, 4Jul2014, 18May2014, 8Apr2013, 25Mar2014, 5Mar2014, 25Feb2014, 15Feb2014, 12Dec2013, 28Nov2013, 12Nov2013, 3Nov2013, 17Oct2013, 26Sep2013, 25Sep2013, 10Sep2013, 15Aug2013, 30Jul2013, 12Jul2013, 28Jun2013, 20Jun2013 Emergency News, 14Jun2013, 31May2013, 14May2013, 18Apr2013, 05Apr2013, 20Mar2013, 16Mar2013, and Cashmere Residents’ Association Newsletter (thanks to Christchurch City Council Strenthening Communities / Community Development):


October 2017


April 2017


October 2016


April 2016


For registering skills and resources to offer, or any help needed in an emergency, there is Christchurch Gets Ready


Cashmere / Hoon Hay / Worsleys Road intersection

Cashmere Rd intersection will be realigned without private land Press 31Jul2017

$2.8m Christchurch intersection to go ahead Press 13Oct2016

Which is Canterbury's most confusing intersection? Press 15Sep2016

Christchurch intersection to cost $2.8m to modify Press 13Sep2016

Twenty-one year campaign to modify 'dangerous' Christchurch intersection about to end Press 22Jun2016

"$1m the previous council took from the Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund to help fund the earthquake memorial.. The council was now proposing to take the $1m from the participatory democracy budget.. asked staff to bring forward options on improving the intersection of Cashmere, Hoon Hay and Worsleys roads" - what will these be? -

Christchurch City Council approves last-minute spending Press 21Jun2016

380-home Cashmere subdivision gets green light - Press 19May2016

Join CRA at the Traffic Issues Forum on 26/4; watch CTV News 12/04/16 item 3 mins in from start of video clip re: Cashmere Road congestion response
Article source: Southern View, 12 April 2016


Port Hills GNS reports that map the Cashmere land-slips : Christchurch City Council


Volunteering New Zealand - Emergency Management Plan Template (link retired; general guidelines)


Retaining walls: Clarifications and updates to the guidance MBIE


transportforchch.govt.nz tfc.govt.nz - map of current city road repairs for planning efficient trip routes - pic:

And see Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team SCIRT local works notices.


Fundraiser for the Ngaio Marsh Heritage House
Sunday, 23 April 2017 at 5 PM - 8 PM, Christ's College, Canterbury - Old Boys Theatre
5-6 pm Wine and Nibbles
6-7 pm A presentation by Ray Berard, winner of the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best First Crime Novel 2016.
'Inside the Black Horse' was desribed by judges as a 'lucid and potent portrait of good people and gangsters that is unmistakably Kiwi in flavour and tone...a fine crime story with considerable depth'.
A not to be missed event for advocates of crime fiction and Dame Ngaio Marsh
Tickets: $25 available at Paper Plus, Merivale
Information: Phone Jane 021 0240 5979 or email janeyryder@gmail.com
See facebook.com/events/1448429981876322/ + ngaio-marsh.org.nz


Dame Ngaio Marsh's Birthday Party 2016 (via facebook)
For lovers of words, heritage and Detective Fiction.
A fundraiser for the Ngaio Marsh House and Heritage Trust.
Sunday 24th April from 5 pm.
5-6 pm Wine and Nibbles
6-7 pm 'Crime Fiction' a talk by Professor Ken Strongman, Emeritus professor of psychology, University of Canterbury. Well-known columnist and lecturer on crime fiction.
Tickets $25 Available from Paper Plus, Merivale. Door sales also available.
For further information, please phone 351 5030


Ngaio Marsh House Lecture 2014 marking Ngaio's birthday, 23 April 1895 - Dunedin writer historian Vanda Symon on "Ngaio Marsh And The Science Of Murder", 5-6pm Sunday 13 April, Christ's College Old Boys' Theatre - tickets $25, from Philippa Bates, ph 358-8763. See iconic Ngaio Marsh House - Cashmere cultural history in essence! - Call anytime about house tours, on 337-9248.


CERA, SCIRT, EQR, EQC, CCC etc: last Cashmere Community Meeting (#3) @ Landsdowne Community Centre was 7.30pm 26 Feb 2014 - SCIRT information evening re wastewater repair options for a cluster of homes; #2 was 7.30pm 14 Nov 2012 @ Landsdowne Community Centre - questions and answers, a cuppa and chat, community get-together - if another meeting is needed please let CRA know via Get involved page. #1:


Warm your home: Community Energy Action Charitable Trust "extra funding for insulation and heating (over and above government subsidies), free curtains (donated by the public) and free energy advice" + on facebook.


Graffiti/tagging removal: prompt service is available from council action line (03) 941 8999 or 0800 VANDAL.




Cashmere High School - host families wanted for international students, paid a weekly amount - contact Deb, Homestay Coordinator, DDI: 337-4725, Office: 332-9129, Cell: 027-292-4859, Email: homestay@cashmere.school.nz




* Download the Cashmere Residents Association Rules and Get Involved.

* Watch church & cafe etc. noticeboards for CRA information updates.

* Cashmere walkway map (.pdf 243KB) courtesy of Joan Blatchford.


School volunteers clear the path to Cashmere Primary after the 6 June 2012 snow dump. *



An opportunity for those who live and work in Cashmere to say what is important to them. 


The project was initiated by the Cashmere Residents' Association to help it to better understand local priorities. This will ensure that the Association can advocate on behalf of the area to ensure that what is valued is maintained and improved.


Information gathered as part of this project will guide the Associations’ future activities and inform the Council's planning and decision-making... >read more


Quake Insurance Advisory Service
extended until the end of 2017. To find out more about assistance available to people having difficulty with earthquake insurance claims, go to: advisory.org.nz or phone 379 7027 or 0800 777 299 or email info@advisory.org.nz


CRA 2017 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 17 October, wine & cheese social from 7pm at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Hall, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road. 7.30pm welcome and AGM: AGM Minutes 2016, Chair & Treasurer reports; CRA committee renewal for 2017-2018, break 8pm; speaker: Alan Wills from The Malthouse Theatre. [Condolences to Gordon Ogilvie's family and many friends, for his passing this month.] We have a few copies of Gordon's new book, Place Names of Banks Peninsula and the Port Hills, available at a kind discount to Cashmere residents. 9.30pm close.


Cashmere Community Meeting

Thursday 27 April 2017, wine & cheese social from 7pm at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Hall, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road, 332-7129. 7:30pm speakers on natural hazard risks and mitigation: Peter Kingsbury and Ian Wright from Christchurch City Council, Grant Pearce from Scion Rural Fire Research Group.


Cashmere Emergency News 15Feb2017 with updates to 4Mar17

Feb Emergency BarBQ sausages kindly donated by Lower Cashmere Residents' Association - thanks very much!
New Zealand Fire Service Escape Planner tool escapemyhouse.co.nz

CCC CDEM Port Hills Fire Recovery Plan Discussion Document + Feedback form due in by 25 April 2017

Information on Submission Process for Port Hills Fires Operational Review - Please make your submissions by Monday 12 June 2017 - New Zealand Fire Service notice & submission form 15May17

On The Burning Edge "tells the story of the biggest fire that the Port Hills have ever seen from the community's perspective" Book Order Form, Governors Bay Volunteer Brigade


CRA 2016 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 25 October, wine & cheese social from 7pm at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Hall, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road. 7.30pm welcome and AGM: AGM Minutes 2015, Chair & Treasurer reports; CRA committee renewal for 2016-2017, break 8pm; speaker Gordon Ogilvie, local historian; 9.30pm close.


Cashmere Residents' Autumn Special Meeting

on Cashmere Traffic Issues, the CCC Long-Term Plan, etc: Tuesday 26 April 2016, 7pm wine & cheese at Cashmere Presbyterian Church hall; Speaker - Bruce Alexander on his Tonga travels and recent book '100 Fathoms Square'.


CRA 2015 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 27 October, wine & cheese social from 7pm at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road, 332-7129. 7.30pm welcome and notices; AGM - reports: Chair, Treasurer, unconfirmed Minutes; CRA committee renewal for 2015-2016; speaker: Trevor Lord, Canterbury Vintage Home Restorers Group and Ngaio Marsh House and Heritage Trust; 9.30pm close.


Cashmere Residents' Special Meeting

on the CCC Long-Term Plan, etc: Tuesday 21 April 2015, 7pm wine & cheese at Cashmere Presbyterian Church hall; Speaker - local children's author Gavin Bishop.


Cashmere Community Barbecues - Neighbourhood Week 2014

Sunday 2 November, 2pm to 5pm, Sunvale Reserve. Refreshments, stalls, children's play facility onsite. Come join Bowenvale Neighbourhood Network for a snack and a chat, and enjoy meeting more neighbours. All welcome.

Sunday 2 November, 5pm to 7pm, Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre front lawn. Refreshments, activities and information from Civil Defence and associated agencies. Children's play facility onsite. Come join us for a snack and a chat, and enjoy meeting more neighbours. All welcome - CREST day.
Ref. The Big Lunch 2009- Eden Project UK + Love and the new economy M Andre Primus, TEDxFlourCity, Sep2014.


CRA 2014 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 21 October, wine & cheese social from 7pm at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road, 332-7129. 7.30pm welcome and notices: Ngaio Marsh House etc heritage tour Sat 25 Oct tickets ph Leona 337-2051, Jenny Barrer on her recent Cashmere history book "After the Earthquakes"; AGM, reports: Chair; Treasurer, audited; Minutes; CRA committee renewed for 2014-2015; speakers: Brenden Winder, CERA manager of Port Hills red zone crown-owned land clearances, ph 354-2724, CERA maps; Janice Carter, Christchurch City Council planner, demonstrated online Proposed Replacement District Plan Property Search function (type your address into the search box), addressing Port Hills land damage, ph 941-8524. 9.30pm close.


Cashmere Special Meeting

Monday 13 October 2014, 7pm - Bowenvale Neighbourhood Network, CRA-backed, at Spreydon-Heathcote Community Boardroom, Beckenham Service Centre CCC, 66 Colombo St, Cashmere. All welcome.

Monday 15 September 2014, 7.30pm - Bowenvale Neighbourhood Network first meeting, CRA-backed, at Spreydon Heathcote Community Boardroom, Beckenham Service Centre CCC, 66 Colombo St - Port Hills red zone clearances, draft District Plan changes & submissions, Neighbourhood Support, meeting schedule etc. Guests by invitation only.


Cashmere Mid-Winter Gathering

* Sunday 13 July 2014, 2pm to 4.30pm at Kaizuka Cafe, east end of Centaurus Road shops - Cashmere natural hazards and emergency response workshop - mass land movement, flood effects, neighbourhood support etc. Thank you Aaron and staff for operating premises as an important local community hub. All welcome.

* Sunday 21 July 2013, 2pm to 4.30pm at St Augustine Anglican Church, 5 Cracroft Terrace, 332 6627. Constitutional Review election debate: local candidates for council should tell us what is important in the review for residents of Cashmere and Spreydon-Heathcote ward, and why; afternoon tea, wine and snacks provided. CRA media release.

* Sunday 22 July 2012, 2pm to 4.30pm at St Augustine Anglican Church. Speakers: landscaper Ian McKinnon on tree transplanting, and Mike Peters from Addington Action offered some timely tips on community recovery tasks.

* Sunday 17 July 2011, 1.30pm to 4.30pm at St Augustine Anglican Church. Speaker: Amanda McIntyre pp Barbara Kimber, Community Liaison Officer for EQR.co.nz.


Cashmere Residents' Special Meeting

on the Cashmere Vision and Values project: Tuesday 8 April 2014, 7pm wine & cheese at Cashmere Presbyterian Church. 7.30pm Ngaio Marsh House speaker Margaret Sweet, 8.05pm V&V project review session - funding it forward? (and advice on submissions to the draft council plans, before they close: Environment Canterbury Draft Annual Plan 2014/15 that closes at 5pm on Monday 14 April 2014; Christchurch City Council Draft Annual Plan 2014-15 that closes at 5pm on Tuesday 22 April 2014 - on-line submission links).


CRA 2013 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 12 November, wine & cheese social from 7pm at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road, 332 7129. AGM 7.30pm, Reports: Chair; Treasurer; Minutes; CRA committee renewed for 2013-2014. 8pm speakers: Prof. Bryan Jenkins - Lower Avon Heritage Trail Project; Margaret Sweet - Friends of Ngaio Marsh House; an update on CREST followed by an open community forum.


Cashmere Community Barbecue - Neighbourhood Week 2013

Sunday 3 November, 3pm to 5pm, Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre front lawn. Refreshments, activities and information from Civil Defence and associated agencies. Children's play facility onsite. Come join us for a snack and a chat, and enjoy meeting more neighbours. All welcome - CREST day.


Cashmere Special Residents' Meeting

on the draft Christchurch City Three Year Plan: Tuesday 16 April 2013, 7pm wine & cheese at Cashmere Presbyterian Church. 7.30pm speakers and advice on submissions to the draft Plan before they close on Friday, 19 April; a Civil Defence and Neighbourhood Support update + ECan Land Use Recovery Plan & Draft Annual Plan 2013/14 (on-line submission links) that close at 5pm on 22 and 23 April respectively. Meeting notes made to share.


CRA 2012 Annual General Meeting

started with a social from 7pm Tuesday 23 October, at Cashmere Presbyterian Church Centre, corner of Macmillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Road, 332 7129. AGM 7.30pm. CRA committee re-elected for 2012-2013. Reports: Chair; Treasurer; Minutes. Guest speaker Cr Sue Wells. Thanks everyone for your support.


Thank you to all speakers and CRA members who attended and made our 2011 and 2012 AGMs successful. Thank you especially to all those who help get our newsletter out ahead of our meetings. Three times a year, it is this effort in particular that draws our local community together, as one, like no other activity. Let us keep up this fine work of regularly building neighbourliness together, of communicating to resolve local issues. See more "AGM records" on Updates page.


CRA Subscriptions

Association membership and renewals, at the household rate of $10 per year, can be made by downloading, completing and mailing a membership form (unavailable), or via our Kiwibank a/c 389005.0688810.02 (closed) - Thank you very much for your support of CRA :)


Cashmere Kindergarten Spring Fair - 27 October 2012 -

Questions? Contact Us